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Bone Tomahawk (2015) – Western Horror Film

“After an outlaw unknowingly leads a band of cannibalistic Troglodytes into the peaceful western town of Bright Hope, the monsters kidnap several settlers, including the wife of a local rancher. Despite his injured leg the rancher joins a small rescue party with the sheriff, his aging deputy and a strong-willed gunslinger. What follows is a journey into hell on earth as the posse comes to realize it is up against a foe whose savagery knows no bounds. The film takes place at the turn of the century around the border of what is now Texas and New Mexico, and is possibly the best Western Horror film you’ve never heard of.”

Bone Tomahawk - Western Horror Film

First-time writer/director S Craig Zahler’s Bone Tomahawk begins as a normal, gritty western but eventually spirals down into one of the (if not the best) Horror Westerns ever. In his first Western since Tombstone, Kurt Russell absolutely crushes it as Sheriff Franklin Hunt (and was subsequently awarded the Best Actor award at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for his acting efforts.) Sheriff Hunt’s battles with the brutally violent, supernatural cannibals are horrifyingly brilliant, with the film building up to a great unexpected twist at the climax. The solid supporting cast of renowned actors Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox and Richard Jenkins add realism to this over-the-top journey through (and into) hell.

Though the running time is over two hours, the film never seems overly indulgent, partially in thanks to the great cast keeping the unique storyline moving. Bone Tomahawk is a great western, a great horror film, and a top ranked horror western film on GothicWestern.com. You can stream it on most platforms, or grab the DVD HERE.

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