Old West Catacombs

Blackwell Overland Mail Coach Held Up

It is Not Known How Much Booty They Secured as the Survivor of
the Trouble Refuses to Talk.

February 10, 1895, Herald, Salt Lake City, Utah-Kansas City, February 9 – A special to the Times from Newkirk, O. T. says; The Blackwell Overland Mail Coach was held up and robbed this afternoon by two outlaws, named Johnson and Stratton.  Tonight, Johnson’s corpse lies in the city jail and Stratton is safely behind the bars, the result of active work on the part of the city marshal.  Word was first received of the robbery late this afternoon.  City Marshal Austin, Deputy Sheriff Masters and a few other deputies were immediately started in pursuit.

Although the robbery occurred some distance out of town, the pursuers had received an accurate description of the outlaws and the direction they took.  The outlaws were sighted within an hour and in another hour were in tow.  They were exhausted from their long chase when their pursuers finally came upon them, and although they showed resistance, were easily overcome.  A short fuselage of shots ended in Johnson being fatally shot.  Stratton then gave up and both were taken back to Newkirk.  Johnson died on the way.  Stratton refuses to talk and it is not known how much booty they secured.  If any, it was probably thrown aside while they were being chased as none was found upon them.

None of the posse were injured.