The Bloody Jug Band – Dark Jug Music

The Bloody Jug Band - Jug Music

The Bloody Jug Band is an 8-piece group from Orlando has adapted traditional instruments like washboard, washtub bass, mandolin and harmonica to create their unique jug music sound. Drawing inspiration from historic jug bands of the 1920’s and 30’s as well as the darker side of Blues and Rock n’ Roll, the Bloody Jug Band carves out its own niche in a genre of music that has never seen such a bloody incarnation… Press has called the band everything from Florida Swamp Noir, Outlaw Country, Southern Bluegrass, Jug Music and many others…but no label can quite describe the unique dynamic of the BJB’s live musical approach.

Bloody Jug Band - Jug Music

Vocalist Cragmire Peace was asked how the Bloody Jug Band came into being: ‘The Bloody Jug Band was founded in 2009 as a attempt to bring something different to the Global Music Scene. The idea of bringing the sensibilities of a traditional JUG Band to the modern world, coupled with some of my personal attractions to the darker side of life, seemed like something ‘fresh’ to invest our creative energies into. And luckily for us, even after seven years, we all still feel that way.
We started out as a five piece band, but quickly grew to an eight piece touring act once we realized that when you play a more traditional instrument, with limited range, you needed more people to truly create that larger sound we were going for. Also, the more bodies on stage all helping row the boat, creates a increased level of energy and stage presence that plays into our dynamic stage shows perfectly.

I’d say any of those Outlaw Country staples like Johnny Cash, Waylon or Merle Haggard have to be recognized. As well as artists who understood how to make darker subject-matter their primary vehicle for entertainment, such as The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Warren Zevon & Nick Cave.

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