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Rise – Documenting Indigenous Activists

Rise is a Canadian documentary television series, which aired on Viceland and APTN in 2017. Directed by Michelle Latimer and hosted by Sarain Fox and Gitz Crazyboy, the eight-episode series profiles various indigenous activists engaged in resistance against oppression.

Several episodes of the series received a preview screening at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival shortly before the program’s television premiere.

The series won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Documentary Program or Series at the 6th Canadian Screen Awards.

Rise - Documenting Indigenous Activists

The docuseries is a personal look at the frontlines of global Indigenous resistance, through both the condemnation of colonialism and the celebration of Indigenous Peoples worldwide. Supported by their First Nations heritage, hosts Fox and Crazyboy embark on a journey of discovery into Indigenous cultures to examine the social and political factors that threaten their liberation in the 21st century.

A megaphone amplifies someone’s voice and directs it in a certain direction. Sarain Fox is the megaphone of the indigenous people. Sarain Fox amplifies the voice of indigenous people through dancing, activism, acting, art, and choreography to the rest of the world. She could convey the indigenous people’s voices by reporting and fighting against the conflict in the process of the construction of oil pipelines in the Standing Rock reservation eventually leading the pipelines to be evicted.

Sarain Fox is a 30-year old indigenous Canadian activist from the Anishinaabekwe nation. (Boutsalis, ellecanada.com) Her background sparked her interest in activism for her community. Raised by a single mother, Sarain Fox was taught from a young age to fight for what she believed in. Her mother was politically active, which led Sarain to lead her to have an inherent responsibility to her community to amplify the voices and her people.