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“A Nightmare Drove Her Insane” Ghosts of the Victorian Old West

Ghosts of Victorian Old West

Another entry of paranormal occurrences in the Victorian Old West: 

October 13, 1892, Daily Herald, El Paso, Texas – A ghastly nightmare has made Mary B. Newkirk, of Seattle, insane.  Only the immediate presence of her husband stops her ravings.  She relates her dream like this: She awoke about 1 a.m., and in the dim light she saw her husband lying beside her on her pillow.  His face had a peculiar expression and she saw it flush and then turn to a deep blue color.  She tried to wake him, but could not.  Even as she gazed at him she saw the flesh disappear and a grinning skeleton lay there on the pillow beside her.  This attenuated apparition was apparently endowed with powers of conversation and was very agile in its movements.  She was unable to scream, but closed her eyes for an instant, and when she looked again the skeleton held aloft a dagger from which blood dripped.  A voice said to her that it was her husband’s blood.

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