Jenna Pietersen Takes on a Gothic Western Style Theme

gothic western style theme

gothic western style themeBack in 2015 Model Jenna Pietersen brought a grittiness to the Gothic Western style theme that hadn’t really been seen since the era of Clint Eastwood and ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.‘ Although that might be a bold statement, it’s hard not to make that conclusion when taking in her edgy outfits and dark attitude. That said, Jenna Pietersen also bring a modern twist that wasn’t present in those films.

Shot by photographer Daniella Midenge, Jenna Pietersen is captured on location at a historic ranch in South Africa. The editorial, which is set to appear in the latest issue of Germany’s Myself Magazine, was creative directed and styled by Theresa Pichler. She focused on a mainly neutral wardrobe of whites, blacks and nudes that would perfectly fit in both city streets and dirt roads.

gothic western style themeJenna Pietersen is a lingerie and swimsuit model from South Africa. Even if she’s only 21 years old, beautiful Jenna had been featured a couple of times in the South African edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also found a following as the editor of the popular travel and fashion blog Follow the Swallow.