Heathen Apostles Paint the Stars Video Release

Heathen Apostles Paint the Stars video

Ratchet Blade Records artist Heathen Apostles are pleased to announce the release of their brand new video for “Paint the Stars”, the first single off of their latest release BLOODGRASS: VOL. 2. The Heathen Apostles Paint the Stars video can be viewed via the band’s YouTube channel HERE.

Heathen Apostles Paint the StarsIn the true tradition of Gothic Americana music, “Paint the Stars” is equally uplifting as it is somber: a memorable chorus hook paired with lyrics that speak of the lonely trials and tribulations of walking the true road to salvation. This is the unique contradiction that is the Heathen Apostles, and this is what BLOODGRASS is all about.

The video was directed by visionary Colombian multimedia artist Jorge Jaramillo, whose impressive back catalog of brooding music videos, haunting digital projects, and delightfully unsettling artwork made for a perfect home within the Heathen Apostles aesthetic. The prestigious team of Director of Photography Felipe Orozco and First Assistant Camera Esteban Orozco added a sturdy backbone to the production, resulting in a video that is Southern Gothic imagery at its finest: starkly beautiful, enigmatic, and filled with dynamic performance shots that capture the energy of the Heathen Apostles live shows.

BLOODGRASS: VOL. 2 is available for now at the band’s webstore by clicking HERE.

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