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Gothic Western Phrases From the Old West

Gothic Western Phrases

Heard Around the Bunkhouse is a feature on our sister Western Lifestyle site CowboyToCowboy.com where they bring you cowboy phrases and sayings that were used back in the Old West. Here are some of the more darker, Gothic Western phrases that we chose for this site:

Gothic Western PhrasesBLOW-UP: A fit of anger.

CALIFORNIA WIDOW: A woman separated from her husband, but not divorced.  From when pioneer men went West, leaving their wives back home.

BAZOO – Mouth as in “Shut your big bazoo.”

GONER – Lost, dead.

HEELED – To be armed with a gun.

DREADFUL – Very. “Oh, her dress is dreadfully pretty.”

HARD CASE – A worthless person or bad man.

DOWN ON – Opposed to. “His wife is really down on drinking and cigars.”

KNOCK GALLEY WEST To beat someone senseless.

BEND AN ELBOW – Have a drink.


JIG IS UP: The scheme or game is over. We’ve been exposed.

KNOCKED INTO A COCKED HAT: Fouled up or rendered useless

PACK IRON – To carry a pistol.

COLD AS A WAGON WHEEL: A person who has been dead for several days.

DEAD MEAL: A corpse.

NOT ONE’S FUNERAL: None of one’s business.

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