New Gothic Americana Website

Gothic Americana website

Gothic Western.com’s parent company, Ratchet Blade Media, is pleased to announce a new Gothic Americana website, GothicAmericana.com. Where we tend to carry news and information regarding country & bluegrass music, Western films, fashion and literature, GothicAmericana.com is a collective that features the ultimate works of all dark Americana, and information regarding the artists that created them.

Gothic Americana Website
Johnny Cash

Gothic Americana is not a new genre, Johnny Cash is an example of the long legacy, but even he took influences from earlier musicians. But even Johnny Cash, and the grim blues artists of his generation, were educated by those that came before them. Dock Boggs, Memphis Minnie, Blind Willie McTell, the Carter Family, et al, took rhythms and tales from their ancestors’ homelands and turned them into creations that told us of their own unique experiences. In literature, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor and were among those that amazed all with their prose of dark tales and characters fighting back against the dark shadows of their conscious. Now, the current generation of Gothic Americana artists are doing the same.

Gothic Americana Website
Flannery O’Connor

Whether it is the earlier wave of bands (The Gun Club, 16 Horsepower and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds are a few) and writers (Cormac McCarthy, Harry Crews, Anne Rice); or newer bands (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, The Devil Makes Three, Heathen Apostles, Adia Victoria), and authors (Joe R. Lansdale, Tom Franklin, Karen Russell), Gothic Americana is sure to march defiantly forward, dragging the chains of the demons that always seem to plague the artists’ soul. GothicAmericana.com will also delve into other mediums of art; painting, photography and fashion to name a few.

Visit GothicAmericana.com often, they will be have a running playlist that will be constantly updated, as well as news of tour dates, gallery openings, book and poetry readings as well as releases of all mediums. Click HERE to visit.

Painting of The Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce by Rob Jones.

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