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Glenn Danzig’s Vampire Spaghetti Western Release Date

Glenn Danzig's vampire spaghetti western

Glenn Danzig is set to release his vampire spaghetti western film, Death Rider In The House Of Vampires, across select US theatres from August 27.
The flick is an homage to Italian spaghetti westerns and classic vampire films and serves as a follow-up to the rocker’s feature film directorial debut Verotika.

The veteran rocker wrote, directed, scored, and stars in the upcoming film alongside the likes of Devon Sawa, Julian Sands, Danny Trejo, Eli Roth, and Kim Director. It follows the Death Rider (Sawa), who travels to the desert Vampire Sanctuary, ruled by Count Holliday. The price of admission is “one untouched virgin.”

Glenn Danzig's vampire spaghetti western

“We just finished my vampire spaghetti western. It’s much different [from ‘Verotika’], of course, because there’s no comic book to follow.
“So we had pretty free rein in the movie… All the characters have like a traditional vampire name and a traditional western name… A lot of guest cameos in it — some friends of mine came in and did some cameos in the movie. It’s, again, based on the European cinema.”

Glenn Danzig's vampire spaghetti westernDanzig continued: “A spaghetti western is, basically… The Italians loved American westerns so much, they started doing their own westerns. And they got Clint Eastwood and Henry Fonda and a bunch of other actors — Charles Bronson — to come over and do these wild Italian westerns.

“And we eventually started calling them spaghetti westerns. In mine, everybody’s a vampire. So you don’t have to wait around to see the vampire — everybody’s a vampire. You don’t have to wait around to see blood — you’re gonna see lots of blood… It’s pretty crazy.”

Danzig also revealed that he has a small acting role in his vampire spaghetti western film. “It’s such a small part,” he said. “But it was a lot of fun. I get to get all bloody, which I love being bloody — it’s part of what I do.”

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