Deadwood Book By David Milch

Deadwood book by David Milch

There is nothing on television like the award-winning HBO series Deadwood. Beautiful, profane, complex, and sublime, the show is drama at its very best. Then came a Deadwood book by David Milch; entertaining and illuminating, Deadwood: Stories of the Black Hills offers a mesmerizing portrait of the most dangerous settlement in the West. This unprecedented look at the people, places, and history of Deadwood comes straight from Milch, the show’s creator, chief writer, and executive producer.

Deadwood book by David MilchFrom the masterful acting to the surprisingly credible re-creation of a Western gold-rush town to the grippingly profane dialogue, Deadwood is television made at the highest level of craft. Deadwood is a vividly illustrated and comprehensive companion volume that brings fans behind the scenes to get the full story of HBO’s award-winning drama—from Custer’s opening of the Black Hills (and defeat by the Sioux), to the compelling story of the frontier Chinese and how they braved racism and formed a shadowy society in the west. With unprecedented access, the book gives readers in-depth interviews with cast, crew, writers, designers, and historians

Through in-depth discussions of the themes and motivations that course through the lawless camp, Milch sheds some light on the characters and events in Deadwood. Original, specially commissioned photography provides a fresh look at the people and places of Deadwood, with new portraits of the lead characters (based on actual persons), detailed depictions of the set (including the Gem Saloon and Jack Langrishe’s theater), and images revealing how the show is made, from costuming and makeup to the mixing of Deadwood mud. A provocative, entertaining, and always evocative portrait of an era.