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Dead in Tombstone (2013) – Outlaw Makes a Pact with Satan

Pact with Satan

After his comrades murder him, an outlaw (Danny Trejo) makes a pact with Satan (Mickey Rourke) to avenge his death and avoid damnation by delivering their souls to hell.

Dead in Tombstone is a 2013 American direct-to-video horror Western film produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment. It was directed by Roel Reiné and written by Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles. The film stars Danny Trejo as Guerrero, a gang leader who gets double-crossed by his fellow gang members. Striking a pact with the Devil after entering Hell, he resurfaces to the earthly world to avenge his own death by killing the men who murdered him. The film was released in home media on October 22, 2013, and was followed by a sequel, Dead Again in Tombstone (2017).

Pact with Satan

Danny Trejo signed on as Guerrero, leader of the Blackwater Gang. Anthony Michael Hall played Guerrero’s traitorous half-brother, Red. Mickey Rourke was cast as the Devil. The film was directed by Roel Reine and written by Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles. Filming commenced in around April 2012. Filming locations included Bucharest.

For the film’s music, director Reine wanted “a contemporary score for a traditional film with a unique twist”. The music was composed by British electronic music group Hybrid, comprising Michael Truman, Chris Healings, and Charlotte James. The soundtrack was released on October 15, 2013, by Back Lot Records.

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