Chelsea Wolfe – Witchcraft and Sobriety

Chelsea Wolfe - Witchcraft and Sobriety

Chelsea Wolfe – Witchcraft and Sobriety. Chelsea Wolfe’s new album, She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She is arriving this Friday, as the first release on her new label home Loma Vista.

Chelsea Wolfe - Witchcraft and Sobriety“Over the years, as I’ve embraced a path of witchcraft and following the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of the moon, I put that into my writing process a lot, and I’ve started to share that more because this has been such a positive, wonderful thing in my life,” Wolfe explains.

Witchcraft’s influence has meant an increased attentiveness to letting each record “be what it wants to be,” the singer, songwriter and musician says — which can sometimes be overtly mystical, like pulling a tarot card for “clarity and guidance” on what she is about to write, or more ostensibly mundane.

Chelsea Wolfe - Witchcraft and SobrietyThe elegant black-and-white video for “Whispers in the Echo Chamber” was directed by George Gallardo Kattah, and filmed in Colombia.

Remarked Wolfe on the clip: “This video feels like a love story between myself and my sleep paralysis entity, who, for the sake of this video, represents a calm inner voice cutting through mental chatter and anxiety to help guide me towards a more authentic path. From the inward to the outward, this entity shows me the expansiveness of new possibilities, if only I’ll take the first difficult steps.”

Regarding her Sitek-produced seventh studio album, Wolfe called it “an invitation to step into your authenticity.”

“It’s a record about the past self reaching out to the present self reaching out to the future self to summon change, growth, and guidance,” she said. “It’s a story of freeing yourself from situations and patterns that are holding you back in order to become self-empowered.”

“There’s been collaborations that I’ve been asked to do that I felt like they just weren’t right for me. And maybe it would have given me a lot of exposure or more payment down the line,” she says. “I try to live simply and not have to do things that I don’t feel like I’m aligned with just for money. I know that’s a privilege.”

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