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Black Noon (1971) – Old West Devil Cult

Black Noon Old West Devil Cult

A traveling minister and his wife are quietly menaced by a devil cult in the Old West. By the time the Good Reverend figures out what’s going on it may be too late to stop the evil.

Old West Devil CultWhen Reverend John Keyes (Roy Thinnes) and his wife Lorna (Lynn Loring) arrive in a western town, they find that there is mysterious force causing bad luck to plague the settlers. Once the Reverend is able to get the recalcitrant residents to speak about the ongoing troubles, he finds his spiritual leadership is being challenged by a cult of devil worshippers who practice voodoo, and have to get to the heart of a strange relationship between a mute young girl and a gunslinger who seem possessed by Satanic spirits.

The movie takes place in the days of the old west and follows a reverend named John Keyes and his wife, Lorna, who find themselves at the mercy of the desert when, out of the blue it seems, they are rescued by folks from a small town. At first, everything seems fine until Lorna starts falling in and out of sickness, until the reverend is seemly bringing “good luck” to the town that had experienced misfortune, and until the wife begins hearing voices and seeing people dressed in strange garb with animal masks in the dead of night. 

Black Noon is a witchcraft-on-the-prairie endeavor starring Roy Thinnes as a minister and Lyn Loring (Mrs. Roy Thinnes) as his wife. Newly arrived in a small western town, Thinnes finds his spirtual leadership challenged by a mysterious force that is causing misfortune to befall the settlers. Once he gets past the closed-mouthed residents, Thinnes learns that the town’s controlling force is a cult of devil worshippers who practice voodoo. The allegorical elements of Black Noon are on the spell-it-out level of those religious pamphlets one frequently finds stuffed under one’s windshield wiper.

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