Speedbuggy USA “Honky Tonk Singer” Video

Speedbuggy USA

In 2017 Timbo Gruse, lead singer of Speedbuggy USA, suffered an unfortunate fire at his home in Los Angeles, Ca. When it came time to film a music video for their song Honky Tonk Singer he decided the burnt out space could serve as a great location. The video was directed by Dan Hickey and features guitarist Seth von Paulus and Timbo.

Speedbuggy USASpeedbuggy’s historic foundation is the romance of the Wild West.  Especially as it was portrayed in the movies and music of the great singing cowboys Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. 

“We’re on a mission to put the ‘western’ back in country & western music,” Timbo insists.  “Some of the most beautiful portraits of the American landscape and way of life are in those songs about riding the trails across the mountains, plains and rivers, and about making a new life in a land full of promise.  That used to be part of the great American dream – the working man’s dream — and we don’t see any good reason to let it die.”

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