Outlaws and Villains Contest

The Outlaws and Villains contest is a monthly feature on GothicWestern.com, to win you need to identify both the Outlaw and the Villain of the month. The winner will be drawn from all correct answers. The monthly prizes will be music and accessories courtesy of Ratchet Blade Records as well as a subscription to Chronicle of the Old West, the newspaper of the 1800’s.

A Grand Prize winner will be selected in a drawing at the end of the year from the monthly winners, the Grand Prize will be a hand-tooled leather DOPP Kit/Makeup bag by Ropin West, courtesy of Dog Jake Western Store


In honor of Walpurgis Night (May 1st) we thought we’d give you a softball this month.
Fill in the form below with your answers, good luck!

Outlaws and Villains Contest For May

This month’s prizes are a Phantom of the Black Hills bundle courtesy of Ratchet Blade Records. The bundle contains an ENEMY cd, Black Hearted Killer download card, 2 buttons and 2 Shotgun stickers…

Outlaws and Villains Contest

…and a year subscription to Chronicle of the Old West, the newspaper that contains articles from actual 1800s publications and currently written articles written as if the event has just happened. “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Outlaws and Villains Contest prize

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